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House & apartment inspection

Before purchasing a new house or apartment in Montpellier, use the expert eye of a real estate professional. You will be 100% confident about your purchase regarding the potential and shortcomings of the space.

Benefits of running an inspection before purchasing a house or apartment

Are you planning to buy an apartment or a house in Montpellier or in Occitanie? Have you found the perfect home that suits both your needs and your budget, but would like to be 100% you are making the right move? Do you have any doubts about the potential of the space? Do you get an independent and objective look on your next house before moving forward?

Home inspections are run by architects or interior architects who are also real-estate professionals and know the specifics of the market in the Paris area. They help you assess the potential of your future house (especially when a renovation project will follow) and to be more confident before making important decisions. These independent specialists answer key questions for you:

  • What will be the real potential of this property? What are its strengths and constraints?
  • Will you be able to optimize the interior, for example to improve natural light or to make it bigger?
  • What will be the necessary budget to set aside for renovations and improvements (custom carpentry, electricity, tiles, flooring, extension)?

Buying or renting a commercial space?

Architect or interior architects can provide crucial contribution when redesigning commercial spaces: offices, shops, restaurants, hotels or any other commercial surface open to the public.

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House or apartment inspection in Montpellier: how it works

  • You find your ideal apartment or house in Montpellier and you visit it again with an architect or an interior designer, before purchasing it.
  • Architects or interior designers hired for home inspections give you their thoughts on the spot. They are completely independent from the real estate agent or current owner, so their advice can be 100% trusted. They don’t get any retribution if the house gets sold quickly.
  • Detailed impressions are shared while you both visit together. They will be clear about essential aspects to consider before purchasing real estate, especially around the potential and constraints.
  • The home inspection architect can unveil any hidden or non-obvious technical constraints of the property: load-bearing walls, partitions, insulation quality, condition of the plumbing, interior and exterior joinery, distribution networks (electricity, water, gas).
  • She/he studies the potential of the space: Will there be room to optimise natural light or surface? Can rooms be redistributed?
  • By the end of the visit, you will know how much you will need to consider spending for any renovation work.

House or apartment inspection fees VAT exclusive

Diagnostic (5)

80 € / hour

This consultancy also serves as the first step for a complete architectural or interior design project. After your real estate purchase , an architectural study allows you to continue the reflection, to anticipate and finalize all the data of your project (technical and aesthetic solutions) before starting the renovation work as soon as the keys are handed over.

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